Thursday, June 14, 2007

MALEVOLENT CREATION: (1992) Retribution

Retribution is Malevolent Creation at their best... Of course, I'm sure many people will disagree with me on account of their first album The Ten Commandments, however, although that album is top notch I find that Brett Hoffman's vocals on this effort are much better, more guttural, less "thrashy" and simply more brutal! The songs are powerful and aggressive and the guitar riffs are memorable (Rob Barrett would later leave to play with Cannibal Corpse). Being an album from 1992 there aren't blast beats from beginning to end like most death metal acts these days (or Malevolent Creation's recent stuff for that matter...), but then, that's what makes this album so good. The way the songs flow from one to another, the variety in song structure and Brett Hoffman's great vocals (which allow you to make out and consequently "sing" along with like on outstanding tracks like Slaughter of Innocence and Coronation of our Domain).
This is the kind of album that you can listen to over and over, keep for years and years (like I have) and always enjoy it as much as the first time simply because it's that good... by Darkminds

1. Eve of the Apocalypse
2. Systematic Execution
3. Slaughter of Innocence
4. Coronation of Our Domain
5. No Flesh Shall Be Spared
6. The Coldest Survive
7. Monster
8. Mindlock
9. Iced

D-load album :-)
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