Wednesday, June 27, 2007

IMMOLATION: (1999) Failures for Gods

I whenwho heard this band's first offering I believed that they were the future of the death metal scene. I was also one of those who fretted over the band's disappearence from the scene due to label and financial woes, and in due turn was one of those vindicated when the band returned with Here in After (which was, undoubtedly, a unparalleled high point in death metal history). Again, there was a lengthy wait for this album, and as with Here in After, the wait was worth it and the results completely satisfying.
What sets this band apart from so many other death metal bands, is that, even from the beginning, there was no mistaking what Immolation is about. This is not a group of three or four lackeys that circle some self-aggrandizing ego-driven frontman; nor are they out for cheap thrills. Immolation has worked hard and sacrificed (no pun intended), they perform as a band of equal strengths with no egos interfering, and they have mastered their musical abilities so to superiorly carve out an powerfully unique sound that alone defines everything death metal should be--unrepentant pummeling aggression in distortion and dissonance that would yield to none. As is evident with the vicious lyrics, gutteral vocals, relentless percussion and omnious, sadistic guitars, Immolation know why this kind of music got its name, yet their distinctive creativity and passionate sense of vindictiveness give them a stamp of authenticity and credablity that is unmatched in the current metal scene. It almost makes you think God created these guys for the sole purpose of playing this music (haha!). This music is in their blood, their hearts, and their souls, and their sincere dedication and passion comes howling out of every note and word on this album, demanding your respect. If you want to know what death metal is about, get this album, and Immolation will teach you... treestamps

pass = hmbreed

D-load album :-)

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