Thursday, June 7, 2007

VADER: (1995) De Profundis

VADER's DE PROFUNDIS is basically a combination of MORBID ANGEL from the ALTARS OF MADNESS/ BLESSED ARE THE SICK era and SLAYER from the HELL AWAITS/ REIGN IN BLOOD era. Some of the rythms are lifted directly from MORBID ANGEL and the riffing is so much like early SLAYER that you'd think you were listening to HELL AWAITS or REIGN IN BLOOD. Even the vocals are reminiscent of Tom Araya. In other words, this is not very original. However, so what? This album is still damn good. Doc's drumming is very technically proficient, as well as the dual guitar riffing. What is most admirable about this band is their background. Coming from Poland during the collapse of the Eastern bloc and succeeding in the death metal genre is quite impressive. Think of the obstacles these guys probably had to overcome. That alone is worth a listen and DE PROFUNDIS will not deathmetalgod, Sedna

1. Silent Empire
2. An Act of Darkness
3. Blood of Kinggu
4. Incarnation
5. Sothis
6. Revolt
7. Of Moon, Blood, Dream and Me
8. Vision and the Voices
9. Reborn in Flames

D-load album :-)
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