Tuesday, June 19, 2007

THIN LIZZY : (1982) Renegade

It is widely agreed among Thin Lizzy fans (and by the band themselves) that their 1981 release, Renegade, was their worst. The raw, rocking Lizzy of the past (Jailbreak, Black Rose, etc.) is nowhere to be found here; in its place is a keyboard-heavy rock band with blatant pop leanings and a production too similar to British heavy metal bands of the early '80s. New guitarist Snowy White never truly fit into the band (both musically and visually), and it was never more apparent than on Renegade. As with its predecessor, Chinatown, heavy drug use plagued the sessions, again resulting in an uninspired, unfocused affair (especially evident in Phil Lynott's flat vocals). The six-minute opener, "Angel of Death," doesn't measure up to past Lizzy epics, while the title track fails at trying to pull on the heartstrings with a tale about a misunderstood youth. The powerful Lizzy of old resurfaces briefly on such rockers as "The Pressure Will Blow," "Leave This Town," and "Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)," but the clean production almost neuters these potential heavy classics. A jazzy experiment, "Fats," proves to be an interesting one, but run-of-the-mill originals like "Mexican Blood" and "It's Getting Dangerous" far outnumber the highlights, making Renegade Lizzy's second disappointing release in a row....by Greg Prato, AMG

1. angel of death
2. renegade
3. the pressure will blow
4. leave this town
5. hollywood (down on your luck)
6. no one told him
7. fats
8. mexican blood
9. it's getting dangerous

D-load album :-) http://lix.in/914567
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Anonymous said...

This 1 gives me the chill! I've had many good times, listening to this album. It might not be the best Lizzy album but this album and every song in it really gets me going. Thank u NAGIANTS 40!

leo@abrage.com.br said...

To me.. thin lizzy at its best.
Very underated album, superb lyrics, not a mistake here.

1 - Angel of Death - Nice lyrics, powerful song, Snowy could do a little better job on it, but 6 minutes of ecstasy - 9,0.

2 - Renegade - To me, the weekest of the album, but still a classic. "He's just a boy, that's all", it cannot be better than this. The main problem os this song is that it goes round and round in circles and doesn't go anywhere. 8,0

3 - The pressure will blow. Really makes your pressure blow. Typical Lizzy song, that's why is so perfect, maybe the solo doesn´t fit, but.. no but.. change your pint for vodka during this one. 9,5

4 - Leave this Town - Nothing espetacular, but works fine here between 2 nervous shakedown pieces. It's the kind of song that you don't love, but once in a year you caught yourself singing it. 8,5

5 - Hollywood. Sweet hollywood... Nice lyrics, you are on your own. Hooks you since the very first second. 10,0

6 - No one told Him - Listen, closely, it's an underrated song, be sure, like all the final 4 of this album. Love song, lizzy style, only phil was capable of doing that one. "But how can he forget? he hasn't got a friend." Genius. 9,5

7 - Jazzy, cool, groovy, inteligent, funky, bluesy, fusion. I don't what the f**k is it, but who cares, you still "love to swing" during this one. 9,0+, with class.

8 - Mexican Blood - Tequila in the jar. Imagine the best storyteller alive. Forget it. He died. And he was an irish boy, with some brazilian blood. My favorite of the album. 10 +

9 - It's getting Dangerous - That's the best definition ever of "climax". The song come bringing you to a totaly different level on every second, until it explodes like a damn dynamite. The only drug you need to consume is Thin Lizzy. 10.

Thanks Phil. Good site.