Thursday, June 14, 2007

MALEVOLENT CREATION : (2002) The Will to Kill

Veteran death metal band returns with their eighth full-length album. Eleven tracks of pure terror that brings new life to the patented Florida death metal sound. Crushing vocals by new singer, Kyle Simons, mixed by Jon Francois Degarians of the band Kataklysm. The album also features new drummer Justin D. Pinto. Crash Music. 2002.

1. The Will To Kill
2. Pillage And Burn
3. All That Remains
4. With Murderous Precision
5. Lifeblood
6. Assassin Squad
7. Rebirth Of Terror
8. Superior Firepower
9. Divide And Conquer
10. The Cardinals Law
11. Burnt Beyond Recognition

D-load album :-)
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