Thursday, June 14, 2007


Another fine example of what MALEVOLENT CREATION can accomplish. This is their third album and it is not to be underestimated. It is full of powerful guitar riffs and the vocals are pure MALEVOLENT CREATION. Although this item is very good, my favorite still has to be "in cold blood" because it's a little faster and more brutal.
Anyway, no death metal collection would be complete without this album just because everything from MALEVOLENT CREATION is sick and twisted. Don't miss out on this one, and try the other ones out too; you won't be dissapointed... bt Ted Bylinski, Mont Saint

1. Joe Black
2. Self Important Freak
3. Sadistic Perversity
4. No Salvation (Re-mix)
5. To Kill (Re-mix)
6. Tasteful Agony (Re-mix)
7. Genetic Affliction ('93 Demo Version)
8. Raining Blood
9. Remnants Of Withered Decay ('90 Demo Version)
10. Impaled Existance ('90 Demo Version)

D-load album :-)
(( pw = hmbreed ))

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