Thursday, June 14, 2007

MALEVOLENT CREATION : (1998) The Fine Art of Murder

Malevolent Creation have gone through alot during this period when they released this album in 1998 there was a change lineup, infighting, censorship, attack from religious groups etc. but they still have managed to survive and make great music. They have unmatched sheer force and great songwriting ability and of course we have some great songs in here like Rictus surreal, Manic demise, the atmospheric title track that uses a synthesizer and Day of lamentation which is an accoustic and electic guitar ballad well its more like a doom metal song then theres Fracture with its spoken words done by Brett Hoffman and the aggresive opener To die is at hand. You could tell that they were trying something different with this album like an experimentation but the problem is with that it has low production values, the base is some times unlistenable and you could barely hear it however this is just a slight problem and does not ruin the overall experience, this is still a crushingly heavy and intense album with some hyperspeed riffs and intricate solos you name it this album has everything you want in a death metal Puzzle Box, Kwait

1. To Die Is At Hand
2. Manic Demise
3. Instinct Evolved
4. Dissect The Eradicated
5. Mass Graves
6. The Fine Art Of Murder
7. Bone Exposed
8. Purge
9. Fracture
10. Rictus Surreal
11. Scorn
12. Day Of Lamentation
13. Scattered Flesh

D-load album :-)
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