Thursday, June 14, 2007

MALEVOLENT CREATION : (1993) Stillborn

This is better than the horrible Fine Art of Murder, but not as strong as the first two (Ten Commandments and Retribution, both timeless classics!). While this album suffers from bad production and mediocre vocals (what happened Hoffman?!!!?), it is still a great listen. Sure, some don't like it, but i shure as hell love it! The songwriting here is top notch, great arrangements with lots of changes, cool riffs, makes me wanna smash something. I have their first albums, I like the stuff they did with Blachowicz of vocals (he was their bass player, took over vocals in 1995 with "Eternal") and have those two albums (Eternal and the fast as hell In Cold Blood, both albums deserve 4 stars...), but with Fine Art of Murder they lost me. The album opens with Dominated Resurgence, a track just chuck full of riffs and lots of energy. You get Phill Fasciana's classic riffs all over the place, and the drumming will grab you by the nuts. The album keeps the pace up until the 5th track, Stillborn, which begins slow but builds up to hyperspeed. The album closer is a mid paced song, but not as good as ther rest of the album.
Give this album a try, download some tracks or something (before you cough up the import price). Favorite tracks here have to be the first two...and Genetic Affliction (8). If your reading this review, you probably already heard some other reviewer in another place bash this album. The band isn't proud of this album (don't see why), and suffered the same fate as Suffo's Breeding the Spawn. Larry Hawke just blows Alex Marquez' drumming on Retribution out of the water!

1. Dominated Resurgency
2. The Way of All Flesh
3. Dominion of Terror
4. Geared of Gain
5. Stillborn
6. Ordain the Hierarchy
7. Carnivorous Misgivings
8. Genetic Afliction
9. Ethnic Cleansing
10. Disciple of Abhorrence

D-load album :-)
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