Thursday, June 14, 2007


The signs weren't looking good for Malevolent Creation's 4th album - their previous album Stillborn (some good songs but dire production) had taken a critical mauling, they'd parted ways with their record label Roadrunner (in common with every other decent death metal band after the genre was no longer trendy enough for the label in the mid '90's), and had lost the talents of vocalist Brett Hoffman and drummer Alex Marquez. Against the odds Eternal is one hell of a comeback album, and ranks up there as one of the best albums the band ever released.
First off the production is excellent, with searing guitars and powerful drums. This is the album where Malevolent Creation started piling on the blast-beats, and drummer Dave Culross is so good you've forgotten Alex Marquez by the second track. The album is chock full of muscular riffs, with this album acting as the perfect midpoint between the mid-pace death metal of the bands debut release and the frantic speed-fests of their later albums. The only possible flies in the ointment are one fairly disposable filler track (Unearthly) and some sensitive listeners may take offence at the seemingly racist lyrics of They Breed (an issue which would allegedly lead to the dismissal of vocalist/bassist Jason Blachowiz), but the quality of the material here is so high that I have to give it maximum marks. For pure death metal, you'd be hard pressed to find a better album than this.... by Jane Aland, London

1. No Salvation
2. Blood Brothers
3. Infernal Desire
4. Living in Fear
5. Unearthly
6. Enslaved
7. Alliance of War
8. They Breed
9. To Kill
10. Hideous Reprisal
11. Eternal
12. Tasteful Agony

D-load album :-)
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