Monday, June 25, 2007

CHINCHILLA: (2001) Madness

After we could get a first listen at the new songs at this year's "Bang Your Head"-festival, CHINCHILLA offer us our second album with "Madness" and they do it in style. Of course CHINCHILLA don't play the most original style, sure, some of you might ask themselves, who needs another Melodic Power Metal-release, but to give you an answer is our job, that's why we're here. So, the main ingredients that you can find within this sound are not different from countless other bands: tempo between stomping and fast, melodic, partly classic-influenced riffs, choirs in the choruses, a good bit of hymnic sounds, but still the execution is what makes it music. And the quintet outs itself as excellent executioners, so to say. Be it a hymn like "Fight"; a great choir, as on "Freedom", a wonderful melody-line in combination with a grand choir, like in the highlight "Queen Of The Rain", the obligatory, but still very good ballad "Broken Heart" or "Where The Brave Belong", introduced by the sounds of a big battle, it all holds water.
With Thomas Laasch they also have found a vocalist, who has just the right voice for this sound, so what could you ask for more? Oh, a cover-version? Hm, let's see. Here is a song that has credits by a certain Paul Stanley, "I Stole Your Love", I think... Satisfied? Yes? See, so where's the problem? Alex

pass = hmbreed

D-load album :-)

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