Thursday, June 14, 2007

MALEVOLENT CREATION : (2000) Manifestation

Now for my review. This is not another studio album by the band but it is a retrospective compilation or "best of" album. It is bassically a release package comprised of 2 CD's. The first CD features only songs from Eternal, Joe Black, In Cold Blood and The Fine Art Of Murder which are albums that the band released during their years on Pavement (now Crash Music). I'm pretty sure that some Malevolent die-hards and even the band itself is a little dissapointed with that because there were no songs from the band's first 3 albums. Personally, I would of wanted that but unfortunitely, life's a bitch. Anyway, this minior setback takes nothing away from this release because the song sellections are great. A lot of my favorite songs from those Pavement albums are here. So no big deal. The second CD is an enhanced CD featuring songs from their first 2 albums recorded live. The performances are devestating and totally brutal. There is also a CD-ROM portion of the CD with live footage. I've never been able to see it because I don't have a CD-ROM. So all in all, it's a great package and a true addition to the brutal collection of any Malevolent Creation maniac. So buy it and experience the f--king slashing manifestations of brutal death metal malevolence. Enjoy yourself and thrash Ronald Placeres, Miami

1. In Cold Blood
2. Condemned
3. Nocturnal Overlord
4. Fine Art Of Murder
5. Scorn
6. Blood Brothers
7. Impaled Existence
8. Living In Fear
9. Manic Demise
10. To Die Is At Hand
11. Infernal Desire
12. Bone Exposed
13. Alliance Or War
14. Mass Graves
15. Joe Black
16. Self Important Freak
17. Multiple Stab Wounds (Live)
18. Eve of the Apocalypse (Live)
19. Slaughter of Innocence (Live)
20. Monster (Live)

D-load album :-)
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