Friday, June 29, 2007

BAL SAGOTH: (2001) Atlantis Ascendant

Byron's lyrics are always great (Yea! See how many Robert E. Howard quotes you recognize!). His vocals are among my favorite extreme vocals, and his spoken vocals (althought sounding like a combic book narrator) are excellent. Chris's guitar playing has never been extremely great, but at least he can play it the same way twice (doubled guitar panned left and right). Their new bassist is a great addition. Their new drummer is a much better (technical) drummer than Jonny was (I think Jonny was more tasteful though).
And then there are those keyboards. Someone should lock Byron and Jonny outside the Mixing room during mixdown, and turn the keyboards DOWN! Now, if you turn the music up to max volume, then the keyboards get set right in the mix, but at ACCEPTABLE levels (read: not loud enough to wake the dead) the keyboards stomp on the entire mix. Only Black Moon didn't suffer from this, all four others do. That, and Jonny is a cheese factory. He writes video games music (I have nothing against video games music, I own several game soundtracks). He should be stopped, permanently, he should be writing music for the upcoming Conan movie (by the way, it ACTUALLY is going follows the REH stories, as closely as humanly possible), not Extreme Metal. Speaking of Extreme Metal, it would be alot easier if everyone just adopted my classification of music, and refered to Bal-Sagoth as Extreme (Being like black metal, death metal, dark metal, war metal, et cetera; characterized by the distorted speed picking, blast beats, straight double bass, extreme vocals, et cetera) Fantasy Metal (Fantasy metal being like "Luca Turilli," "Rhapsody," "Demons and Wizards," et cetera; they like to call it Epic or Syphonic metal sometimes). Doesn't that seem to fit the band. Extreme Fantasy Metal.
This album also includes my favorite Bal-Sagoth song, #8 "In Search of the Lost Cities of Antarctica."... Godemp

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