Sunday, June 10, 2007

UFO: (1978) Obsession

UFO's Obsession was to be their last studio record with star guitarist Michael Schenker. It did indeed contain lots of prime metal cuts, but some of the material ultimately fell flat. "Only You Can Rock Me" kicks off the album with a fun and carefree feel, while the funky "Pack It Up (And Go)" contains some John Bonham-like drumming courtesy of Andy Parker. The opening momentum is carried on through the slow Zeppelin groove of "Ain't No Baby," but soon the band hits the skids. The group takes a crack at a power ballad, which ends up sounding like an Elton John throwaway ("Lookin' Out for No. 1") and a couple of blah, clichéd rockers ("Hot 'N' Ready" & "One More for the Rodeo"), both anchored by Pete Way's ultra-simplistic single-note basslines. But the album eventually gets back on track with the melodic rock of "Cherry" and "You Don't Fool Me," the latter containing some tasty, fiery guitar solos. UFO hinted at their talents with releases such as Obsession and Lights Out, but it was their next release, the live Strangers in the Night, where it all came together for Greg Prato, All Music

1. Only You Can Rock Me
2. Pack It Up (And Go)
3. Arbory Hill
4. Ain't No Baby
5. Lookin' Out for No. 1
6. Hot 'N' Ready
7. Cherry
8. You Don't Fool Me
9. Lookin' for No. 1 (Reprise)
10. One More for the Rodeo
11. Born to Lose

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