Friday, June 29, 2007

DREAMS OF SANITY: (1999) Masquerade

Dreams of Sanity was founded in April 1991 by Christian Marx (guitar and music) and Michael Knoflach (bass, lyrics) together with Hannes Richter (drums, ex-Blitzgemetzel, ex-Hypen) as a trio.
Summer 1992 the first vocalist - Gudrun Gfrerer - and Florian Razesberger (keys) joined the band and Dreams of Sanity debued live in the cellar of Michael's parents. Backing-vocals were sung by Christian.
Winter 1993 Hannes richter left the band and was replaced by Romed Astner, Florian Razesberger switched to second guitar and Sefan Manges took place behind the keyboard. Instead of Gudrun Gfrerer, Birgit Moser and her friend Robert were featured on vocals.
Luckily Sandra schleret and Martina Hornbacher replaced the former vocalists and finally Dreams of Sanity released their first Demo Tape in May 1994 (recorded at the Fleischorgelstudios of Christoph Niederwieser (KOROVA)). In December 1994 Florian Ratzesberger was replaced by Andreas Wilauer on guitar. With this line-up Dreams of Sanity recorded Komödia I and Komödia II in the Z-Sound-Studios in Insnburck and relesed the two songs on the self-financed A goddamed city-sampler together with four other Innsbruck underground-bands (btw: members of the band "Sarcasm Syndrom" can now be found in the line-up of DARKWELL and ANGRY ANGELS). In 1996 Ein Liebeslied war recorded in the same studio and released on the Hardboiled-Sampler togeter with a lot of other bands from the Tyrol. The song Komödia I got the attention of HALL OF SERMON in 1996 and after the "DARK WINTER NIGHTS" Tour together with Lacrimosa, THE GATHERING, SENTENCED and D-AGE a contract was signed on the 6.4.1997. Already in Janurary 1997 the Komödia-Album was recorded in the Zero-Point Studios (Robert Romagna, Kramsach, Austria), mixed in the Impuls Studios Hamburg and released on the 3.11.97.
Summer 1997 Dreams of Sanity split from Martina Hornbacher and Romed Astner for musical and personal differences and after a lot of vocal-auditions decided not to fill Martina's place anymore. Harald Obexer replaced Romed and later, as Stefan Manges left the band, Frédéric Heil joined the little "Sanity Family".
With this line-up Dreams of Sanity recorded Masquerade in August 1998 (released 25.1.1999) and The Game in August 1999 (released 25.9.2000 due to problems with the distribution in Germany). After the recordings of The Game Harald Obexer laft the band and was replace by Patrick Schrittwieser (drums). Soon also Frédéric Heil had to be replaced by Florian Steiner due to severe musical differences.

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