Monday, June 18, 2007

TIGERTAILZ: (1995) Wazbones

After the moderate sucess of the amazing "Bezerk" tigertailz experianced problems with record labels and two members of the personnel leaving because of it. the follow up Wazbones was delayed for several years, when it finaly came out in '95 the world had lost what little interest it had. That doesn't mean it is bad, far from it. Wazbones makes huge head way in terms of lyrics and overall sound. While they were always heavier than there contemperies. (even to go as far as having a known thrash producer to oversee "Bezerk") wazbones takes it a step forward and delivers hard edged hooks and driving melodies. Each member excells, especialy Tate who's bass rumbles and pounds along very nicely. There are many standout tracks, T.Y.F.O, Belly Of The Beast, Perish and let your flesh instruct your mind. Unfortunatly after the release of this album the band split and have dissapered from view. Shame as judgeing from this they still had alot to offer. Definatly their finest album to date.... by P. Haves

1. tyfho
2. dirty needles
3. belly of the beast
4. pigface
5. love junkie
6. make me bleed
7. perish
8. let your flesh instruct your mind
9. love can kill
10. in the name of the gun
11. wazbones
12. i believe
13. show me
14. tyfho (version #1)
15. the final solution

D-load album :-)
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