Thursday, June 7, 2007

PRONG: (87) Primitive Origins

Long before they found their calling as a highly technical thrash metal band, New York's Prong was dealing in rather faceless hardcore, most of which didn't hold a candle to superior scene rivals like the Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front. Sure enough, their modest independent debut, Primitive Origins, is a collection of mostly uninventive two-minute blasts, which prove that the sometimes CBGB employees still had something to learn before quitting their regular jobs. A few songs ("Watching," "Cling to Life," "Dreams Like That") do show occasional promising flashes of things to come, however, and may interest serious Ed Rivadavia, All Music

1. Disbelief
2. Watching
3. Cling to Life
4. Denial
5. Dreams Like That
6. In My Veins
7. Climate Control
8. Persecution

D-load album :-)
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