Wednesday, July 4, 2007

PUNGENT STENCH: (1992) Been Caught Buttering

This album has the sickest artwork ever, bar none. The picture of two grizzled old men, decapitated and kissing, is the perfect preparation for the audio filth contained within. `Been Caught Buttering' is pure musical perversion of the vilest kind, repulsive and degrading, or porn for deviants, depending on your point of view.
Everything on this album is distorted, from the instruments to the band's view of the world. Guitar, bass and drums merge in a morass of visceral Death Metal sludge, thick and almost impenetrable. There are two gears on this album: high speed, almost tune-free jackhammering, or a mid-paced grooving grind. Schrenk occasionally pulls some odd noises from his guitar in the place of solos, and Alex sometimes hits an extra drum or two, which is about as close as the band ever get to embellishing their music.
This is all about the vocals though. Schrenk gargles and groans his way through the deliciously revolting lyrics. How revolting? Well, "Shrunken And Mummified Bitch" is about, well, shrinking and mummifying a prostitute. "Splatterday Night Fever" graphically explores the putrescent consequences of casual sex. Elsewhere, there's rebirth by crawling through your mother's entrails, mass murder both sick and sexual, cannibalism, and hideous deformity. Most comic of everything on offer is "Sputter Supper". Alex's wife butchers a different neighbour for his supper every evening, including the annoying kid upstairs. Next on the menu is the new janitor.`Been Caught Buttering' is a good old fashioned, old school piece of Death Metal obscenity. It has no socially redeeming features, zero melody, is rough as hell, and in places, it reeks of rancid gore. It couldn't be much better.

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Anonymous said...

That cover is really the head of one person. A cadaver's head that had been bisected and the halves overlapped to give the final appearance on the artwork. They got is from a medical student somehow.