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AXENSTAR - Far From Heaven

Axenstar (formerly called Powerage) is a power metal band from Västerås, Sweden, founded in 1998 by Peter Johansson and Magnus Ek. Their fourth and latest studio album, The Final Requiem, was released on August 28, 2006. Either demo album is unobtainable through torrents or other music software downloadings.AXENSTAR was formed by Peter Johansson (guitar) and Magnus Ek (bass) as a Metal-cover band 1998 under the name Powerage, after several member changes the line up that took the name Axenstar in 2001 was Magnus Eriksson (Vocals & Keyboards), Thomas Eriksson (Lead & Rhythm Guitar), Peter Johansson (Rhythm & Lead Guitar), Magnus Ek (Bass) and Pontus Jansson (Drums).
In October 2002 Axenstar released their debut album Perpetual Twilight on the Spanish label Arise Records. The album got really good reviews all over the world and Axenstar got the chance to play at Motala Metal Festival, the biggest gig so far in their career.
The second album Far From Heaven was recorded during May of 2003 and just about a week after the recordings were done Axenstar played at the mighty Sweden Rock Festival, which was a great experience for the band. In January 2004 the opportunity was given to go ahead on their first European Tour as the opening act to Falconer, unfortunately Magnus Ek was unable to go on the tour and Joakim Jonsson (Skyfire, The mist of avalon)was found to be the stand-in bassplayer on the tour, which turned out great.

1.the descending / 2.infernal angel / 3.blind leading the blind / 4.don't hide your eyes / 5.far from heaven / 6.abandoned / 7.children forlorn / 8.death denied / 9.blackout / 10.northern sky.

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