Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LILLIAN AXE - Lillian Axe @256kbps

Classical-guitar training gives Stevie Blaze and Lillian Axe a comparably ordered style of hard-rock. They've produced four albums, including 1993's Psychoschizophrenia on IRS Records. The band also involves vocalist Ron Taylor, keyboardist Jon Ster, bassist Darrin Delatte, and drummer Tommy Scott. Fields of Yesterday was issued in 1999.

1.Dream of a Lifetime
2.Inside Out
3.Vision in the Night
4.Picture Perfect
5.The More That You Get
6.Misery Loves Company
7.Nobody Knows
8.Hard Luck
9.Waiting In the Dark
10.Laughing In Your Face

..year - 1.988
..label - MCA - OUT OF PRINT **Look on eBay
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Thanks a lot for this album ;-)
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