Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OZ - III Warning @256kbps

Though the next album still contained a bit of that dark religious stuff in the shape of the song Crucified. Their third full length album III Warning was also released in 1984. Solely written by Jay C. Blade, it included such goodies as Crucified and the title track itself. The band were supposed to go on tour as a support act for Venom on their USA and Canada dates, but their American manager somehow fucked it all up. They still played a few gigs around Sweden, though. Their stage act included the vocalist cutting guitars to pieces with the large knife which can be seen in the hands of the vocalist on the front cover of the III Warning album.

1.Third Warning
4.Rock'n'Roll Widow
6.Born Out Of Time
7.Too Bad To Be True
8.Total Metal

..year - 1.984
..label - Combat -
..home page - (Unofficial)

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