Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OZ - Decibel Storm @256kbps

Their fourth album Decibel storm was released in 1986. This time the other band members apart from Jay C Blade had contributed more to the songwriting than on the previous album and the results were great. This was the first OZ album to have a little bit of keyboards on it, nothing too cheesy though. The songs Firestarter and Disaster Dreamer are classics. The band had planned to do a video for one of the songs on the album, but whether those plans came to realization or not is unknown.
Some while after the release of the album Jay C Blade was asked to fill in on guitar for New York-based Princess Pang on a 4 gig tour. Jay accepted the offer and headed to New York. The gigs went well and when he returned to Sweden it had already been decided that he was to join Princess Pang as a full-time member of the band. At the time, OZ had lost both their guitarists Spooky Wolff and Speedy Foxx, so Jay was the third man to leave the band in a short period of time.
4 years went by before OZ would find themselves back in the business of recording again. New bandmembers had been recruited; Michael Lundholm as sole guitarist and Tobbe Moen on bass guitar, as well as a keyboard player by the name of Jörgen Schelander. Tobbe Moen was later replaced by Fredrik Thörnblom on bass guitar after the recording sessions at the Sky Trak Studio in Berlin.

1.Eyes of The Stranger
3.Teenage Rampage
4.Diaster Dreamer
7.Black Tattoo
8.Sound of Speed
9.The Show Must Go On

..year - 1.986
..label - Black Mark -
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