Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OZ - Heavy Metal Heroes @256kbps

Formed in the town of Nakkila, Finland in the late 70's. Their debut album was released on a Swedish record label - Tyfon Grammofon in 1982. By then the line-up consisted of Ape De Martini (vocals), Kari Elo (Guitar), Tauno Vajavaara (Bass guitar) & Mark Ruffneck (Drums). The Second-hand lady/Rather Knight-single was released the same year. The band gigged around Finland and even appeared on Finnish TV playing Hey You and Second-hand lady backed up with pyrotechnics and all.
Soon afterwards Jay C Blade was asked to join the band as a bass guitarist. Jay C. Blade had been kicked out of Sarcofagus in which he had been handling the lead vocals on the Envoy of death album released in 1980, after which he had re-joined his first band Masque. Jay joined OZ, bringing with him Esa Niva from Masque. Esa Niva got out of the band pretty quickly though, and somewhere along the way Spooky Wolff (ex Noitawaimo) and Speedy Foxx were recruited, both on guitars. The classic lineup was now complete. They played their debut gig at the Göta Lejon theatre in Stockholm. Jay C Blade became the main contributor of songs and soon the band recorded their next album.

1.Hey You
2.Call From Your Eyes
3.Runnin' the Line
4.Rather Knight
5.Saturday Night
6.Second-Hand LAdy
7.In the Cains
8.Capricorn Man

..year - 1.982
..label - Kraf -
..home page - (Unofficial)

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JD said...

I just found a mint copy of this release on record at Skinnies Records in Norfolk,Virginia...A great addition to my collection