Monday, January 12, 2009

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Cult of the Dead (Deluxe Edition)

Legion of the damned unleashed their first thrashing metal storm on the 6th of January 2006. "Malevolent rapture" was an uncompromising slab of killer death/thrash reminiscent of the masters of the eighties packed in a modern killer sound by Andy Classen and received many killer reviews in the press. The band showed to be able to combine furious thrash mayhem with midpaced neckbreaking rhythms, translocating the realm of the eighties into the new millenium.Since "Malevolent rapture" the band has been destroying the stage on the No Mercy Festivals together with Cannibal Corpse and Kataklysm, and playing festivals such as Rockhard Festival, Summerbreeze, Up from the ground and Wacken open air, as well as a minitour in September 2006 with veterans Destruction in the Netherlands. During the No Mercy Festivals Harold Gielen joined the band on bass, increasing the ferocious power of this well-oiled warmachine on stage. Between the gigs the band was busy writing new songs for the next album.

Disc 1
1.sermon of sacrilege / 2.cult of the dead / 3.pray and suffer / of possession / templar / 6.necrosophic blessing / overload / 8.enslaver of souls / 9.lucifer saviour / wings of yog-sothoth / 11.the final godsend.
Disc 2
1.werewolf corpse / 2.deaths head march / 3.demonfist / 4.taste of the whip / 5.into the eye of the storm / 6.killing for recreation / 7.malevolent rapture / 8.bleed for me / 9.legion of the damned.

..year - 2.008
..label - Massacre Records - Amazon
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