Monday, January 12, 2009

LEATHERWOLF - World Asylum

Leatherwolf...Truly this year's best metal CD! Wade Black is what every metal singer should sing like, they all wish they could do what he has done on this CD.1. I Am The Law- Great lyrics "Dirty Cops on the take getting paid by me".monster guitars & thundering drums 2.King Of The Ward- another great song that's oh so real you have known people like this I'm sure 3.Behind The Gun- this is my personal favorite...simply the best lyrics for a song that I have ever heard..."Blind from the wound that never heals while I grip deception's hand" the music is fantastic the bridge & chorus and arrangement of the song period!4.Live Or Die- This song is dead on with the world's chaos and the sheep people that go along to get along 5.Disconnect- Violence & mind numbing are the main topics here..."We are the mindless senseless and vacant we are the violence blank and unconscious disconnect".6.-Dr. Wicked (Rx O.D)this song reminds me of Dr. Death the assisted suicide Doctor Jack Kevorkian..."Sign up sign off prescription O.D. No guilty conscience waiting for me sign up sign off we all wish you well take you to Heaven leave you in Hell" 7.Institutions- "Born of God we build a cage inside a saw with no escape my Revelation now it takes control man's fallen world asylum can't be,can't be is this what we deserve?" the music here is once again great as it is on all of this CD 8.Derailed- this song hits home for most of us..."Doomsday-Holiday-Derail this train going off the deep end with you" 9.The Grail- to put it in a nut shell, another lyrical masterpiece..."Imagination spills and past distortions ill fictitious memories make up realities is it true that I've lost my mind gone without a trace last thing I remember was ashes and flames cold blood runs through my veins I've got to be contained The Grail is dragging me back from the grave yeah!"10.Never Again- this song makes you question your faith in trust..."What have I become condemned my friend into this hole I plunge I descend nailed to the cross I transcend transgressions hold a cost to avenge,to avenge,to avenge". If you are looking for a metal CD that you can play over and over again this is the CD that needs to be in your collection, I give this CD an 11 out of 10!! If you like monster guitars and blistering leads and thunder and lightning drums big bottom end bass and of course the best metal singing in years buy this CD today! -- by Robert Snyder

1.i am the law / 2.king of the ward / 3.behind the gun / or die / 5.disconnect / 6.dr. wicked / 7.institutions / 8.derailed / 9.the grail / 10.never again

...year - 2.006
..label - Massacre Records - Amazon
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