Monday, January 12, 2009

BEYOND TWILIGHT - The Devil's Hall Of Fame

"Originally released in 1992 on R.E.X. Records, this is the very first Circle of Dust album ever released... Without a doubt, Circle of Dust was the quintessential Christian industrial group. And long before Slipknot was painting by numbers, Scott Alberts (aka. Klay Scott, Celldweller, Klayton) band was busy redefining modern metal with a sound that bled sadistic instincts with the sheer terror of industrial-minded mayhem. From the radioactive burn of the opening track, "Exploration" to the turbo charged tirade of "Nothing Sacred" through the abrassive allure of "Senseless Abandon," CoD delivers a molten mass of metallic fury that leaves most contemporaries trembling in comparison!"

1.hellfire / 2.godless and wicked / 3.shadowland / 4.the devil's waltz (instrumental) / 5.crying / 6.the devil's hall of fame / 7.closing the circle / 8.perfect dark.

..year - 2.002
..label - Nightmare Records - Amazon
..home page -

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