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LANFEAR - The Art Effect

The German Power Metallers LANFEAR from the suburbs of Heilbronn have been founded in the end of 1993, that time with a clearly more progressive direction. The band released their debut album "Towers" (1996) in self-production and it was re-released in 1997 by Uhrwerk Records under the title "Towers Of February". The second album "Zero Poems", which had a more progressive direction, was recorded with producer Andy Horn and released in 1999.
Their third album "The Art Effect" is one of that records, I would describe as being perfect. Nearly everything works well, super vocals, great songs, over the top production. Okay, one can discuss about the cover - but it's truly outstanding! After the two self financed records "Towers" and "Zero Poems", Massacre Records signed LANFEAR. If I had a label for my own, I wouldn't hesitate to sign these guys - but in a commercial point of view, these guys won't never be megasellers. But their Power Metal, which is inspired by some US bands, should appeal lots of people because stylistical similar bands like BRAINSTORM sell much records, too.
Anyway, LANFEAR offer one hit after another, with high pitched vocals, polyphonic choruses and much power in their rhythm section. Wether speed crushers like the great "Traces Of Infinity" or "Stigmatized", slightly progressive breakers like the divine "The Artefact" (what a chorus) or "Deeper", everywhere you put the laser, there rules always top stuff. A big compliment goes to singer Tobias Althammer, apart from Andy B. Franck, he has not to be afraid of any other competition in Germany.
But all the good critics don't serve any purpose when their sales are so low. I know, this album is on the market for a long time but it doesn't developed to a bestseller. All critics had been good but the Metalheads seem to have something in their ears - or no money, or no taste. Then put your money in HELLOWEEN clones or buy the new MAIDEN, METALLICA or RHAPSODY. Who cares, when the probably best German newcomer for years doesn't gain any attention... I'm pissed the underground! (Online December 16, 2003)
-- Ralf, The Metal Observer

1.heresy / 2.stigmatized / 3.traces of infinnity / 4.the artefact / 5. conscience inc. / 6.deeper / 7.beneath it all / 8.fortune lies within / 9.v.o.a.t. / 10.the spell / 11.regression.

..year - 2.005
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