Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OZ - Roll the Dice @256kbps

The album Roll the dice was released in 1991. The songs on the album were mainly written by Ape De Martini and the new guitar player, resulting in a bit different style and sound than the earlier OZ albums. The title track stands out as the best offering on the album.
The band again played a few gigs, but the music scene had changed and the Swedish death metal boom was in full action, resulting in loss of interest and gig-offers for more classic kinds of metal in the underground scene of Stockholm. So, the band slowly faded away from then and there.

1.Roll The Dice
2.Lost Generation
3.Rock On
4.Midnight Lady
6.Out of Touch
7.Thousands Miles
9.Not Enough
10.Night Crime

..year - 1.991
..label - Black Mark -
..home page - (Unofficial)

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