Saturday, August 16, 2008

Abydos - Abydos

Andy Kuntz proves here that is among the best composers in prog metal scene. Just awesome work, theatrical music in many places but remain in metal category. Simply one of the best albums i heared in years. Maybe the name Abydos doesn’t tell you a lot, but knowing this is the solo project from Andy Kuntz, lead singer of the German progmetal band Vanden Plas, should raise the expectations. Abydos - it refers to an Egyptian tomb site in the Valley of the Kings, where Osiris, God of ethernal reincarnation, was worshipped. Quite diffrent from his mother band Vanden Plas here are the best ideas Kuntz gathered. Very symhonyc sometimes, but also very heavy in places, just the right combination to become a masterpice of prog metal these years. Absolute every tune is from great to the best, so i give 5 stars without hesitation. The best tracks are:You broke the sun, just super,Silence (reminds of DT or Shadow Gallery, but not a copy) and the last tune and the longest A boy named fly. So in conclusion this isn’t another project from a frustrated musician, but a genuine masterpiece from a man who has used all his experience to make something unique, bravo Mr.Kuntz.
--- by Bogdan Olariu, Prog Archives

Track Listing
1. The Inhabitants Of His Diary
2. You Broke the Sun
3. Silence
4. Far Away From Heaven
5. Coopermoon (The Other Side)
6. Hyperion Sunset
7. God's Driftwood
8. Radio Earth
9. Abydos
10. Green's Guidance for a Strategy Advneture Game
11. Wildflowersky
12. A Boy Named Fly

-- Year: 2004
-- Label: Inside Out
-- Country: Germany
-- Genre: Progressive Metal

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