Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Labyrinth - No Limits

Originally released in 1995, No Limits was the first full-length album prom Italian progressive power metallers Labyrinth. At the time, Labyrinth's vocals were provided by one Joe Terry (better known as current Rhapsody vocalist Fabio Leone), so this early album is quite a departure from the Labyrinth most fans are used to. While I prefer Roberto Tiranti's vocals over Leone's, the man did a decent enough job on this album. If nothing else, it's interesting to hear what Leone sounded like in a non epic-symphonic-dramatic-Hollywood-whatever metal setting. Aside from the vocals, No Limits sounds pretty much like what you'd expect from Labyrinth, though it is less polished than their later works. Keep in mind that the bloated Italian power metal sound didn't really exist at that point, so Labyrinth was blazing new territory (using Helloween and Fates Warning albums as a roadmap).
I really don't understand the hate for this album. It has its faults, but overall is still a solid power metal album, has plenty of flashy guitar work, some nice progressive touches, decent vocals, and is about as good as anything Stratovarius was serving up at the time. Of course the band's later albums are better than No Limits. That's what you expect bands to do - get better over time.
No Limits may not be Labyrinth's best album, but it's an important milestone in the band's career, and one that any (open-minded) Labyrinth fan should own, especially now that it has been reissued.
NOTE: The 2005 reissue of No Limits features digitally remastered sound and a pair of bonus studio tracks - Call Me and Miles Away.
--- By Justin Gaines

1. Mortal Sin
2. Midnight Resistance
3. Dreamland
4. Piece of Time
5. Vertigo
6. In the Shade
7. No Limits
8. Right Sign
9. Red Zone
10. Time Has Come
11. Looking for...
12. Call Me
13. Miles Away

- Bitrate: 192
- Format: CD
- Country: Italy

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