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The Angels - Beyond Salvation

Beyond Salvation is a 1990 album by Australian band The Angels. This is the domestic release under their own name. For the American release, see Beyond Salvation (The Angels From Angel City). The Angels' roots trace back to 1971 and an acoustic folk combo called "Moonshine Jug And String Band" of which Neeson and the Brewster brothers were members. They geared more towards electric instruments in 1974 as the "Keystone Angels". With Bidstrup and Bailey now on board and shortening their name to The Angels, the band garnered their first chart success in 1976 with "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" and in 1977 the self-titled debut album is released. In 1978 they follow up with "Face To Face" and "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" spends 79 weeks on the charts and qualifies for platinum status four times over. Starting with the release of No Exit they break house records touring and win awards in various "Best of Oz" categories. International distribution and tours follow for which they adopt the name "Angel City" to avoid confusion and legal problems with the 60's US girl group "Angels" (or depending on who's version to believe the 70's glam band "Angel"). Live At Narara The 80's see The Angels with more multi-platinum bound albums - from the 1980 Darkroom and the 1981 Night Attack to the 1989 Beyond Salvation - and tours of Australia, Europe and North America but also label and personnel changes: Bob Spencer, formerly of The Skyhooks, replaces John Brewster for the second half of the decade and James Morley takes over the bass for Hilbun at the end. Three videos are released by Mushroom Records Australia: "Live At Narara" (a highly energized and recommended outdoors live show), "From All Angles 1980-1990" (a collection of music video clips) and "Beyond Salvation Live".

Track Listing
1. "Let the Night Roll on" (R. Brewster/Neeson/Miller) – 4:03
2. "Back Street Pick Up" (Spencer/R. Brewster/Neeson/Manning/Morley) – 4:22
3. "Dogs Are Talking" (R. Brewster/Neeson/Spencer/Eccles/Hilbun) – 3:22
4. "Rhythm Rude Girl" (Spencer/R. Brewster) – 5:35
5. "Jump Back Baby" (R. Brewster/Spencer/Neeson/Eccles) – 5:34
6. "Love Waits" (R. Brewster/Neeson/Spencer/Eccles/Hilbun) – 4:25
7. "Bleeding With The Times" (R. Brewster/Miller) – 5:36
8. "Pushing And Shoving" (Spencer/R. Brewster) – 4:34
9. "Bitch" (R. Brewster/Miller) – 2:22
10. "Beyond Salvation" (R. Brewster/Spencer/Neeson/Eccles) – 3:26
11. "Take An X" (R. Brewster/Neeson/Miller) – 4:54

-- Year: 1990
-- Label: Mushroom Records
-- Country: Australia
-- Official Homepage: (Not Official - A Fan Page)
-- Genre: Hard Rock - Rock 'n' Roll

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