Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fair Warning - 4

Founded out of the ashes of Zeno and V2, Fair Warning achieved a remarkable amount of success with their self titled debut album, especially in Japan where sales went absolutely ballistic. "The response we got from Japan was nothing short of phenomenal," Ule recalls. "To be honest, we'd expected a bit of a positive reaction in Europe at least because the reviews were so good, although in the end, the record didn't do as well as we'd hoped it would. We weren't all that impressed with how WEA handled it, although the Japanese response did make up a little bit for some of their promotional shortcomings in Europe." Given the general negativity towards traditional melodic rock back in the early 90's, that they got a deal at all was a feat in itself, let alone the fact that it was with a major label like WEA. "I think we demo'd about five or six tracks," Ule offers , "and that generated a really positive vibe around the band. In fact, I think we had about five major labels who wanted to sign us, but we went with WEA because we knew the guy in charge and we were very impressed by their commitment, which to be fair, in the beginning their intentions were very good. The problem was, although it was a worldwide deal, it was with the German WEA, and in the worldwide Warner concern, they don't really have that much say. So although they tried, they couldn't really do it for us in other countries, which is the main reason why in the end we decided to leave."
After the heady success of the Rafe McKenna (Giant, Ten, etc) produced debut, the band opted to produce follow up 'Rainmaker' themselves. "It wasn't that we weren't happy with Rafe," Ule explains, "working with him was a lot of fun, but when we'd finished the debut, the record company came back and asked us to remix four or five of the tracks on it because they preferred the sound of the original demo's. So we did, which they were very pleased with, and ever since then it's just seemed like the logical thing for us to produce ourselves. It just feels right for us really to do it that way." ... we were supposed to support Whitesnake on their European tour as well, but that had to be pulled because of Helge' accident. He broke his arm in two places which put him out of action for about five months ...

Track Listing
1. Heart on the Run
2. Through the Fire
3. Break Free
4. Forever
5. Tell Me I'm Wrong
6. Dream
7. I Fight
8. Time Will Tell
9. Eyes of Love
10. Find My Way
11. Night Falls
12. Wait
13. For the Young
14. Angels of Heaven
15. I'll Be There

-- Year: 2006
-- Label: Frontier Recs.
-- Country: Germany
-- Offical Homepage:
-- Genre: Heavy Metal

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