Saturday, August 16, 2008

Threshold - Subsurface

The world's living it's worst crisis in the history of man, and in a close future maybe the Earth won't be able to tolerate the treatment mankind is giving it. It really gets intense with on top, conflicts about power, money and domination. Still in 2005, too many people are suffering uselessly of hunger and the post traumatic syndrom due to war is no longer a social comment, but a terrible reality. Therefore, Threshold is pushing the lyrics a bit further this time. They usually my vote for lyrics but this time, they hit the spot bullseye. Subsurface, as the word suggests, is talking about the underground, the non-said of what we're seeing. Since we don't have any power on what's going through the world, why not singing about it? Good thing they did, because they outdone themselves this time. Maybe it's the theme that's really gripping me, but the whole feel of urgency is really present and well controlled (not like handshaking King Bono).
Of course Threshold is not known for it's change of pace so Subsurface is full blast, full time. I don't mind really, and this time they added a lot more keyboard gadgets. Voice enhancing Vocoder, acoustic/programming drum interplay and high-tech synths are more used and gives a lot more variety to the album than in Hypothetical or Critical Mass. In my humble opinion, Dermott's vocals are the solid ground Threshold can stand on. When the harmonies are that good, it gives the band a good pat in the back making them more confident in the material. He's the best vocalist in metal progressive rock today. Why so sure about that? Listen to everything else, from the Theater of Dreams to the Symphony of the X...There's enough cheese in those two bands to stop world hunger for good. Repetitive recipe of success, yes. But what an effective one!
-- by Jonathan Payeur, Prog Archives

Track Listing
1. Mission Profile
2. Ground Control
3. Opium
4. Stop Dead
5. The Art of Reason
6. Pressure
7. Flags and Footprints
8. Static
9. The Destruction of Words

-- Year: 2004
-- Label: SPV Records
-- Country: U.K.
-- Official Homepage:
-- Genre: Progressive Metal

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