Saturday, August 16, 2008

V.A. - Holy Dio, A Tribute to the Voice of Metal

Tracks Listing
CD 1:
1. Kill the King (Primal Fear)
2. Egypt The Chains are On (Doro)
3. Children of the Sea (Jag Panzer)
4. Sign of the Southern Cross (Fates Warning)
5. Long Live Rock'n' Roll (Gamma Ray)
6. Country Girl (Swäno/Tägtgren)
7. We Rock (Grave Digger)
8. Man of the Silver Mountain (Hammerfall)
CD 2:
1. Holy Diver (Holy Mother)
2. Kill the King (Stratovarius)
3. Still I'm Sad (Axel Rudi Pell)
4. Heaven and Hell (Enola Gay)
5. Neon Knights (Steel Prophet)
6. Same on the Night (Solitude Aeturnus)
7. The Last in Line (Destiny's End)
8. Temple of the King (Angel Dust)

-- Year: 1999
-- Label: Century Media
-- Country: Various
-- Genre: Heavy Metal

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