Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sentenced - Amok

After Sentenced moved to a bigger record company, their style changed as well. While North From Here was almost categorized as black metal, Amok is pure rock & roll. And looking at that change afterwards, it seems that a rockish style fits better with Taneli Jarva's voice and Miika Tenkula's riffs. In particular, the large guitar wall and amazing ambition don't fail even for a second during Amok, even when Jarva's songs "Funeral Spring" and "Moon Magic" seem to be a little frustrating for a moment. However, as a vocalist, Jarva succeeds in creating a depressive mood for every song, and that mood and the sound of Amok are traditional to a Finnish heavy metal band. Still, Amok is a perfect choice for everyone who likes heavy metal with complex rockish guitar riffs.
~~ by Antti J. Ravelin, Allmusic.com

1. The War Ain't Over!
2. Phenix
3. New Age Messiah
4. Forever Lost
5. Funeral Spring
6. Nepenthe
7. Dance on The Graves (Lil' Siztah)
8. Moon Magick
9. The Golden Stream of Lapland

- Label = Century Media
- Year = 1995
- Covers = Yes
- Bitrate = VBR (mp3)
- Format = CD
- Country = Finland

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