Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Labyrinth - Labyrinth

Italian power metal band Labyrinth formed in 1991, comprising singer Joe Terry, guitarists Olaf Thörsen and Anders Rain, bassist Chris Breeze, keyboardist Ken Taylor, and drummer Frank Andiver at the time of their 1994 debut EP Piece of Time. After releasing the full-length No Limits early the following year, the trio of Terry, Taylor, and Andiver all exited the lineup, and with new vocalist Rob Tyrant, keyboardist Andrew McPauls, and drummer Mat Stancioiu in place, Labyrinth resurfaced in 1998 with Return to Heaven Denied. Tyrant then briefly left the group to sing with the New Trolls; vocalist Morby was brought in as his replacement, but Tyrant returned to the Labyrinth fold in time for the 1999 mini-LP Timeless Crime. Sons of Thunder was issued two years later. ~
Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

1. The Prophet
2. Livin' In A Maze
3. This World
4. Just Solider (Stay Down)
5. Neverending Rest
6. Terizinato
7. Slave To The Night
8. Syntheric Paradise
9. Hand In Hand
10. When I Fly Far

- Bitrate: 192
- Format: CD
- Country: Italy

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