Sunday, April 8, 2007

ANVIL : (1982) Metal on Metal (Attic Records)

Their first album was kinda like Rush's first album: it left ya wondering. Their second was a big step forward as Anvil's second album contained an alltime, *alltime*, classic metal tune ('Metal On Metal' (just like Rush's 'By-Tor')). Anvil hit their highwater mark with their 3rd album, and Rush with their 4th but this particular Anvil album shows just how in-tune Anvil was the metal scene back in the day. Bear in mind 'Kill Em All' was released a year *after* this album. 'Metal On Metal' was, in 1982, one of the hardest and heaviest metal albums ever, period. Today it sounds quite a bit dated, as does 'Kill Em All', but trust me.....back in the day this band friggin' *rocked*! Hard!
One other thing of note: many bands of note originating from the early 80s have some sort of Venomish "black"metal past. Anvil never really jumped on that Mercyful Fate/Venom bandwagon. Apart from one song ("666") they seemed to decide their own way was the only way to go. Hats off to them for being that original.
- - E. Gaumann (NAPLES, FL USA) - -

1. Metal on Metal
2. Mothra
3. Stop Me
4. March of the Crabs
5. Jackhammer
6. Heat Sink
7. Tag Team
8. Scenery
9. Tease Me, Please Me
10. 666
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Format: 192kbps (mp3)
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Country: Canada
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Opulento said...

Essa música 666 tem uma pegada bem agressiva.... isso é bom.

ServoDalek said...

very good but.....track 1 is missing