Monday, April 9, 2007

RIOT : 1981 - Fire Down Under (Metal Blade)

This hard rocker from Riot has been undeservedly lost in the shuffle. The hot opening track, "Swords and Tequila", possesses irresistible drive and energy. Another prime cut is "Outlaw", with has a good alternating feel shifting from the verse to the chorus and back again. The lead guitar work isn't overwhelming, but that's not the point of the album; almost every track is under 5 minutes, varies in arrangement from one song to the next, and has a solid groove. No 8-minute guitar solos here. The lyrics are better than many others in this genre, as well, but quite tame; if you get off on profanity-laced lyrics you will be disappointed by this one. But the songs really rock, so who cares?.. DaveBassTaiko

1. Swords & Tequila
2. Fire Down Under
3. Feel The Same
4. Outlaw
5. Don't Bring Me Down
6. Don't Hold Back
7. Altar Of The King
8. No Lies
9. Run For Your Life
10. Flashbacks
11. Misty Morning Rain
12. You're All I Need Tonight
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