Monday, April 9, 2007

PICTURE : (1983) Eternal Dark (Back Door)

After a small fight between Picture manager and Shmoulik, the Israelian singer is fired. The English singer Pete Lovell replaces him. Picture does a small tour in Israel. Right after this tour Jan Bechtum leaves the band for different reasons. Later on Picture is invited to the Donnington festival but the new guitar player Henri van Maanen is not ready for this and the show is canceled. The new album Eternal Dark is released but the original Picture sound has gone although the production of the album is again the best ever. Drummer Laurens Bakker leaves the band... more >>>

1. Eternal Dark
2. Griffons Guard the Gold
3. Make You Burn
4. Battle for The Universe
5. The Blade
6. Flying In Time
7. Into the Underworld
8. Tell No Lies
9. Power Of Evil
10. Down and Out
** Covers: Only Front
** Time: ???
** Bitrate: 192kbps
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