Monday, April 23, 2007

EXCITER: Violence & Force

EXCITER-"Violence And Force" LP(1984) is one of the true early thrash metal classics of the 80's. It is an essential addition to any true metalhead's collection. Unfortunately, this CD is NOT the definitive version of this Canadian masterpiece. The fifth track on the original LP "Evil Sinner" is MISSING from this CD version. It wouldn't be such a big deal if we were dealing with a weak song, but "Evil Sinner" is my FAVORITE track on the whole album and it is inexcusable that it was left off. "Evil Sinner" features one of the most over-the-top vocal performances in metal history. Truly screaming SO high that even Rob Halford and the boys from Judas Priest would run for cover. So just wait until a complete CD version of "Violence and Force" is released, or better yet, pick up an original on vinyl or cassette. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE SCREAMING WRATH OF THE EVIL SINNER!!! Long live Dan Beehler!!! Rivaled only by Larry Portelli of BLESSED DEATH for sheer screaming OTT thrash vocal mayhem!!!... by Tyler Kasuboski

1. Oblivion
2. Violence & Force
3. Scream in the Night
4. Pounding Metal
5. Destructor
6. Swords of Darkness
7. Delivering to the Master
8. Saxons of the Fire
9. War Is Hell
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
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