Wednesday, April 11, 2007

TYGERS OF PAN TANG: (1987) Burning in the Shade (Zebra)

The tygers sound very light on this compared to past releases.It's not bad,but it is an aquired taste.Most of the orignal band members are gone,which accounts for the change of sound.This cd has a AOR/hard rock sound.The guitar solos are placed and well thought out in the songs but don't expect too much. Also at the end of the cd is a special music video for the song Waiting from their 1985 album The Wreck Age.It is a great video and makes this cd worth buying, so do yourself a favor and buy this one! The song Waiting really rocks!.. by Brad ''Rad Metal Brad''

1. The First (The Only One)
2. Hit It
3. Dream Ticket
4. Sweet Lies
5. Maria
6. Hdeaway
7. Open to Seduction
8. The Circle of the Dance
9. Are Yu There?
10. The Memory Fades
11. Waiting
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
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