Monday, April 9, 2007

PICTURE : (1982) Diamond Dreamer (Back Door)

After being rather successful in a local band, lead guitarist Jan Bechtum decides to put an add in a Dutch music magazine to find a new band. A few months later Rinus Vreugdenhil reads the add and calls Jan to join him and Laurens Bakker to form a new group. The first time they play together they know immediately that this is the band they've been looking for. They decide to name the group Picture. The name had been used before by the local group in which both Rinus and Laurens had played. The search for a good vocalist ends a few months later when Ronald van Prooijen agrees to join Picture. Two months later in August, Picture records a demo in the rehearsal room and the song 'My Gun Shoots' from this demo is aired on Dutch radio in the program of Alfred Lagarde. During a gig in December two Dutch radio people from Vara's Popkrant get excited over Picture and decide to put them on their show. Picture records three songs in a radio studio and these songs are aired together with interviews in January, 1980...more >>>

1. Lady Lightning
2. NIght Hunter
3. Hot Loving
4. Diamond Dreamer
5. Message from Hell
6. You're All Alone
7. Lousy Lady
8. The Hangman
9. Get Me Rock and Roll
10. You're Touching Me
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** Time: ???
** Bitrate: 192 kbps
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