Sunday, April 8, 2007

ANVIL : (1983) Forged in Fire (Attic Records)

No question, this *is* Anvil's best (among many solid metal albums). There *might* be a couple less than stellar cuts on this album, but pound for pound this is, at least in my eyes, one of the top ten 80s metal albums. Yes, it rates as high as Priest, Sabbath and Maiden in their respective 80s primes.
It's hard, fast, loud, and in your friggin' face. And to this day (2003) it still makes me not only smile to hear it but it takes me back to heady days of the early 80s when damn near every metal release broke my neck.
Make this your first foray into Anvil metal and I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you like it try 'Metal On Metal' as your second. - - E. Gaumann (NAPLES, FL USA) - -
A Perfect Metal album, a rare jewel...

** tracks **
1. Forged in Fire
2. Shadow Zone
3. Free As The Wind
4. Never Deceive Me
5. Butter Bust Jerky
6. Future Wars
7. Hard Times Fast Ladies
8. Make It Up to You
9. Motormount
10. Winged Assassins
Covers: Yes
Format: 192kbps (mp3)
Ripped: Jet Audio Plus
Country: Canada
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Opulento said...

Saudações novamente!
O álbum é ótimo. Estão aí grandes clássicos dos caras, como a própria Forged in Fire e Free as the Wind. Fantásticas.