Monday, April 9, 2007

RIOT : 1993 - Rock City (Metal Blade)

It's hard to believe with the production on this disc how good the music is, but that just goes to show how good the band actually is at this point in their career. From looking at the list of tracks I can actually say I remember all of these songs even though I first heard them over 25 years ago! The weakest part of this disc is "Heart of Fire" and a few lyrics from "Overdrive". Then again I never sold a record, so, what do I have to gripe about.
Despite those few weaknesses this is an excellent release, particularly for a first album on such a small label (Firesign/Attic). I must admit, I bought it because Triumph was on Attic records at the time. It was worth every penny, too! Classics include "Desperation", "Warrior", "Tokyo Rose" and "This Is What I Get (For loving You)". Truthfully, every song here is worth listening to over and over. This is the first of three great releases in a row for Riot, but good luck finding "Narita", I'm still listening to my album!... by Michael Courtney (San Antonio. Texas)

1. Desperation
2. Warrior
3. Rock City
4. Overdrive
5. Angel
6. Tokyo Rose
7. Heart Of Fire
8. Gypsy Queen
9. This Is What I Get
Covers: Yes
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