Monday, April 9, 2007

ANVIL : (2004) Still Going Strong (Massacre)

After the last average releases from these metallers out of Canada, I was hesitant at getting their latest offering. While the majority of the album is classic and raw ''Anvil'' at it's best - not all of the songs can be considered memorable... The last two are the weakest tracks, but the other songs featured make up for it. You'll be sure to have lots of fun listening to these cool tracks! So if you want a daily dose of what good metal is, and can still be then get it today..... by R. JANKOWSKI "HORROR FAN" (YONKERS, NEW YORK United States)

1. Race Against Time
2. In Hell
3. Holy Wood
4. Still Going Strong
5. Dont Ask Me
6. Waiting
7. White Rhino
8. What Im About
9. Sativa
10. Defiant
Label: Massacre
Covers: Yes
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Anonymous said...

Muitíssimo obrigado por disponibilizar esse álbum!
É muito bom ver caras tão antigos continuando a tocar o que acreditam.